I’ve just recently finished up Final Fantasy 7 on the switch. Playing Final Fantasy 7 for the first time after Final Fantasy 7 Remake puts a lot of the story beats in the remake in a new light. I’m very interested in going back to play through Remake again, possibly on hard mode, to see how the story plays out. While I did know “Aerith Dies”, I didn’t know anything else about the original story. Square Enix seem to be planning on changing things up quite bit for further Remakes, but I’m really interested in seeing if they revisit and expand the Dyne storyline, and the stories of any of the other party members. Hanging out and learning stuff about the characters is the best part.

My thoughts on the original game are this:

  • Wow this would have been huge back in the day.
  • The materia seemed like a good idea, but the fact that anyone can use anything kind of made it less interesting.
  • Why can I get through most battles by just doing normal attacks and not even engaging with the magic system at all? This made a lot of the game feel kind of like a slog, since I didn’t really have to make any interesting choices, just mash “A” to get through menus as fast as possible.
  • Cloud’s story and confusion is great. I was confused too! I hope they continue with that searching-for-truth-through-the-fog-of-the-past theme.

The bottom line: Final Fantasy 7 is the second time I’ve played Final Fantasy 7, but not the last time I’ll play Final Fantasy 7.